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Born and raised in Santa Cruz California, I received my Masters of Architecture from the University of Washington before briefly working in Manhattan and then relocating to the British Channel Islands where I worked as an Architect for 10 years. In 2010 my partner Rebecca and I had twin girls, which focused our minds to create a beautiful sustainable home. We decided to move back to Cornwall where Rebecca grew up, where we bought and radically extend on old building that stood on Rebecca's parent's property. Primary to my design principles and practices is using sustainable energy saving materials and technologies. Our home is (super-insulated) wrapped in 400mm of insulation and designed with south facing windows to harvest solar gains. In addition we have single-room MVHR, so we have no space heating needs. We needed a dependable year-round method to produce hot water that was consistent with our methodologies. I was familiar with the available options, which all have a weak-link. Then I found Solar Thermodynamics. I researched the field and found a company called The Magic Thermodynamic Box Company, which I heard through the grapevine, had the best system and was a British designed and British manufactured product. They specialise in efficient hot water systems that use the laws of Thermodynamics to collect freely available heat harvested from the sun and the air. I found their company extremely helpful and dedicated to sustainable and intelligent solutions. They volunteered to help me with my project, which was also to be part of the well-respected grand design show. I visited the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box Company's premises in Chelmsford in Essex and met with their Technical Team. I was very impressed with their enthusiasm and the in-house working examples of the varied systems they manufacture. The Magic Thermodynamic Box Company personally oversaw the installation, which went extremely smoothly, and have shown stellar customer service with numerous phone calls to ensure everything is working well and correctly. Our requirement of producing hot water for a family of four in a sustainable manner, with product longevity at low costs has been met. We have been using the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box for a few months now and it works extremely well producing hot water to 55 degrees 24/7 in all weather conditions for a few pennies a day. I think many many homes could benefit from their Thermodynamic Box. You will be able to see the product on GRAND DESIGNS show hosted by Kevin Mc McLeod on Channel 4 at 9 pm on September 10th 2014.
Gregory Kewish Architect - Channel 4 Grand Designs - October 2015
Recently had the little magic box installed and it has been a god send to us due to having a large family plenty of hot water and not running out fitting team absolutely fantastic very happy
P Summer - July 2014
I have had thermodynamic water heating system for about a year. Plenty of hot water when we need it. Even better that my solar panels are helping the small cost of hot water. Very happy with the system.
J Garnett - June 2014
Installed by professional fitters with no problems. We find that ther is always hot water when we need it. We are more than happy with this system
S Scopes - May 2014
The Thermodynamic System has been installed now for jus over a year. Plenty of Hot water when we need it. Very happy with system
A Koates - May 2014
Very happy with the guys who installed the system. My new thermodynamic tank fits nicely in the cupboard under the stairs. I am very impressed with the hot water i get from the system. Very happy to recommend this product.
A Vincent - September 2013

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