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Central Heating Management System Testimonials

After having my Central Heating Management System installed after a year later of analysing my heating bills and how well my system performs I can now see why this is such a popular system on the market and that I am very happy with choosing right 2 improve for our boiler. So far I have seen a very good reduction in my fuel bills and my old boiler is actually able to now heat all my radiators in my property, whereas it took perhaps an hour to heat the house which just wasn't acceptable but now it's spontaneous which is perfect for after work.
C Ruiz - March 2016
Great company, great products and easy to deal with. Have recommended friends and family to use. Thanks for doing a great job. 10/10 For customer service as they was really nice and explained thoroughly and has been working without problem since the box was installed 3 months ago
Ms Sawyer - March 2016
Installation was undertaken quickly and in a tidy manner. Initial view has been that the house has become warmer due to the radiator controls and is more flexible. Can do things that wasn't formally possible in my previous boiler, like come home to a warm house lol. Pleased with the box still after 6 months
Mr Bender - March 2016
The work to install new boiler & magic box was done with efficiency and care with as little disruption to the house as possible. The staff were polite and reliable and I would recommend the company fully as it was a great service.
Mr & Mrs Emely - March 2016
Had my box installed back in August of last year for winter full of hope that my bills would be reduced and so far that has been spot on I've been saving a good amount every month and will have enough for a family holiday at this rate! Installation as I remember was tidy, fast and all workers were very nice id recommend fully this box and company
Miss Castillo - March 2016
I would recommend Right 2 improve to friends and family after the installation of the Little Magic thermodynamic system which was carried out successfully. I now get plenty of hot water day and night giving me savings on my hot water bill . The team were very professional from start to finish and the customer care exceptional. I take pride in having British made high quality products in my property and will sure be a returning customer.
Mr Lyons - March 2016
Great company, great products and easy to deal with. Have recommended friends and family to use. Thanks for doing a great job. 10/10 For customer service as they was really nice and explained thoroughly and has been working without problem since the box was installed 3 months ago
M Carver - March 2016
Installed 5 days ago. instillation completed Ok. Fitter's very good. Radiators work a lot better and the boiler is now turned down which is good financially for us. Also it looks much better than the old one and is not an eye sore at all. Very good with sorting everything out very happy
F Wood - March 2016
Like the economy and control also effectiveness of heating which meant that the whole house was heated at a most acceptable level while heat was not being wasted so bills were kept to a minimum. The team were very nice and handled the installation really well with very little mess and it was quite fast done in just 1 day! Would recommend to anyone who is looking to get a new boiler
Mr Mills - February 2016
The staff arrived on time and were courteous and knowledgable. they were competent and took very little time to complete their tasks. The magic box seems to be working very well and I have seen after the first 2 months sufficient proof that my bills are going down and thud giving me and my wife more money and with the savings so far have joined our local bowling alley team, great stuff
Mr Hughes - February 2016
The Installment was quick clean and impressive. Done in a day! Which helped a lot as we had guests in the coming days, although quick seems to have been fitted great no problems as far. Easy to use and very accurate. House seems a more gentle constant heat.
J King - February 2016
have had a magic heating box installed by Envirosolar and I have found the results to be very impressive. I have 10 radiators and prior to the installation all of them had various cold spots on them. Since the installation all of the cold spots have been removed and the radiators are proving more efficient and giving off more heat. Since the installation we have also turned down our boiler to 60c which of course means we are using less gas. The installers were fantastic. They were polite, efficient and most of all caring. They explained what they would be doing and answered all my questions. At the end of the installation they also made sure I was comfortable and satisfied before leaving. The customer service I received from Envirosolar has been beyond my expectations. I would have no problem recommending Envirosolar to anybody who wants a warmer house with a central heating system that now works as it should do.
Mr Pike - February 2016
I arranged a time and date for my Magic box to be installed and as promised two fitters turned up. The fitters explained to me exactly what was going to be fitted and also positions of the thermostat etc. This put me at ease straight way and I left them to it. Apart from a few cups of tea during the day they basicly got on with the job. The installation was completed and the fitters advised me on the use of the controls. They demonstrated the heat from my radiators was an even heat all over. Before the installation I was lucky if half of the radiator was working properly. I was then amazed when I was shown the running temperature on the Thermometer showing the boiler output was actually reduced to 60degrees. that was a great result. I would recommend Enviro Solar to both my friend and family
E Davis - February 2016
For the past 5 years of having unpredictable hot water I finally decided to get an upgrade. Having a little magic thermodynamic box installed has completely changed my system in having hot water at all hours of the day which has become a great privilege. Right 2 improve did a great install and went in less than a day.
L Dean - February 2016
Right 2 improve is a great company to work with, we had a central heating management system installed last year and we have saved 30% on our heating bill by having the system installed which I am very pleased with plus the added benefits of the system are a bonus.
Mr Rhys - February 2016
I have had both the little magic thermodynamic box and the central heating management system installed and I must say that I am very happy with both systems. The staff at the company have been very helpful and have provided me with an excellent customer service. I heard of the little magic thermodynamic box from the grand design magazine and enquired . The installation was completely within two days and after it excelling my expectations I decided to have the central heating management system installed which components my central heating having both products now means that I have savings on my domestic hot water and my central heating .
Mr Sienae - January 2016
Having the central heating management system installed from right 2 improve now which is 1 years old I have seen a dramatic difference in how my central heating system works. Since I have had the system installed I have saved around 30% on my central heating bill I can not be happier.
Mrs Clancy - January 2016
After having one of Right 2 Improves sales staff over to explain their products, I decided it was time to revamp my old central heating system and have a central heating management system installed, so far I am very pleased on the install and how the system is functioning I will be looking forward to the future savings.
Mr Yadiel - January 2016
After getting in contact with right 2 improve I decided to get a thermodynamic system installed from them. The installation was very quick and tidy and the team who attended the job was very friendly and helpful with all my technical questions. The system has been working great and am loving the scorching showers which it now produces. Can not wait to see the savings roll in.
Mr Enrique - January 2016
Last year I had a Central Heating Management System installed to help my old central heating system. After having the system for a year I can approve and say that the system has definitely shown its value for money. I recommend going with Right 2 Improve as the whole service was excellent and stress free.
Mr Higgins - December 2015
I am very pleased with the savings I have after having thermodynamic system installed on my property. Energy bills are constantly rising so i am glad to say that I know longer have to worry about my hot water as the system is maintenance free. Go to Right 2 Improve if you are looking for an innovative hot water system to supplement your hot water.
L Powell - December 2015
I have just had a Little Magic Thermodynamic Box installed onto my property and I am totally amazed of how quiet and compact the system is, for the past few showers and baths I have taken it has supplemented the system with piping hot water which is always there when I need it most. I can not recommend the system enough as it is ideal for any home owner.
R Hansen - December 2015
After finding Right 2 Improve online and reading up on their CHMS I got in touch and got an appointment for one of their reps to visit. I decided to get a new boiler with the CHMS as my system did not heat all of my radiators and was costing me a fortune on gas. So far I cannot believe the heat output on my system and i now finally feel comfortable in my own home. Would recommend to anyone who is in seek for a much more efficient heating system.
R Davvy - November 2015
The Magic Thermodynamic Box have taken a principle well established and successful in the commercial heating world, modified it with great investment and applied it innovatively in the domestic heating world with excellent energy saving results tested and verified by UKAS.
Eric Mace Registered Engineering Technician - October 2015
After having the Central heating Management System Installed i can see a massive reduction in my heating bills and an increased comfort in my central heating, if you have an old system but do not want the hassle of a full replacement. Then the Cenral Heating Management System is for you
R Greenwood - October 2015
installed for 4 months and am satisfied with the results
A Hill - October 2015
After having a Magic heating Box installed in my home I can now say that the system has given a 20 year old heating system a fresh start, before I had the system my radiators barely emitted any heat therefore making my house very cold in winter months. I would have to spend lots on Oil due to having it on so high to get any heat emitted from the radiators. Now I have The Magic Heating Box the system performs like it was 20 years ago when the system was first installed, if you have an old system do not replace it get a Magic Heating Box!
M Coleman - September 2015
After having a Magic Heating Box installed i can already see a big reduction on my heating bills, my system heats up more quickly and i can feel no cold spots on the radiators. I was very happy with Right 2 Improve as they have a great customer service and explained everything well and thoroughly. If your heating bills are to high use Right 2 Improve as they have the turn key solution for you!
T Taylor - September 2015
I have had a Little Magic Box installed to generate my hot water, so far i am very impressed with the product and caters for al of my hot water needs. If you are looking for reliable installers and great products i would recommend Right 2 Improve
Mr Brendone - September 2015
One of our friends used this company and raved about both the product and service, a little sceptical we had one of their reps over to explain the system better, impressed with the level of professionalism and went ahead with the purchase. The whole process was very simple and smooth and when the company sent the fitters everything was installed well. Since then our 'little box' has been providing our hot water day and night, as promised. Highly recommend the company as reliable and easy to deal with
Mr Ceceliaf - September 2015
I have had a Magic Heating Box installed for the past year. I have saved a total 31% on my central heating bill and I can see the massive efficiencies to my heating system. My system is over 8 years old and it performs as it was first installed. Also I have recommended it to my friends and 2 of them have had for 5 years and are also still raving to everyone they know. Very happy still today thanks
H Steele - September 2015
Just had a little magic box installed, and I'm over moon. From start to finish the service from right to improve has been perfect.
Mr Brynn - August 2015
right 2 improve from the start to finish have been absolutely fantastic, I would recommend to any friends & family. I had one of there central heating management systems installed on my home, and have been receiving huge savings since. I can't make any complaints, the service received was of the highest standard and I can't fault the system. Love the company.
J McMillan - August 2015
Following a visit from the assessor I agreed to have the magic box installed. This was completed within the next seven days, the actual work taking less than one day. The engineer was efficient and left things clean and tidy. I am looking forward to cheaper heating bills in the coming winter months.
D Taylor - August 2015
The installation went extremely well - the assessor, the surveyor and the installer were absolutely brilliant. My major gripe is with the office staff and their attitude to customers, which spoilt the experience for me. Despite the bad experience with the office staff, I have now placed an order for the thermodynamic system.
C Morrell - August 2015
Installation was carried out by two fitters who were efficient,clean & tidy. System provides lots of hot water when required. Very happy with system.
A Beckett - July 2015
Very pleased with service and workmanship from the Engineers. The installation was straight forward and was completed over 2 days. The product is designed to save me money and to be more efficient - Looking forward to seeing and sharing the results. I would recommend the Company to friends.
A Vaughn - July 2015
Has been in about 18 months, no problems as yet it has improved my heating it is now more efficient and now the house gets warmer quicker  engineers when fitting were efficient clean and tidy and polite.
R Rayner - July 2015
This magic box keeps my radiators at a constant temperature and I don't need to keep bleeding them. I will hopefully have cheaper gas bills as well.Good job all round
Mr Torres - July 2015
The company contacted us with the information about the product. We decided to go ahead. The engineers arrived at the time they said they would & carried out the installation . The team were very polite & courteous. A very good team & a credit to the company.
Mr Clark - June 2015
I have just passed the 1 year anniversary of having my system installed and am so impressed with the results. It has transformed my heating, i no longer have any cold spots in my radiators neither do i have to bleed any of my previous problematic radiators. For the past year i have had a more radiant heat throughout the house and to top it all of my heating bills have reduced. Not only was the start to finish process painless but after a year the system has done more than i anticipated and i look forward to many years of the same.
Mr Silasr - June 2015
System installed September 2013 radiators quicker to respond, no complaints.
P Crow - April 2015
Installed my system very quickly and successfully. I find that the radiators are hotter quicker than before. Very pleased with the system
G Duckworth - April 2015
Fitted in a day i was very happy with the installation team. I find the system easy to use.the heat spreads around the house very successfully. Very happy with this product.
Mr Hickman - April 2015
Not only is the product innovative and energy-savingly brilliant, the service is the best that I have ever experienced. They came out to us to explain the different ways we could reduce our energy bills. There was no hard sell, no little subtle tricks to make us buy something inappropriate. He just explained the systems available so that we could choose the most useful system for us. We were fortunate to be able to have the system installed within the week. They arrived to do the work at the date and time promised. They introduced themselves immediately and James explained what they were going to do. They were courteous and polite throughout the installation. Our installation was complex, including replacing and removing water tanks, extra showers, etc. They seemed to approach each job as though nothing was too much trouble or too difficult. As with all complicated installations there were times when it was not straight forward but James just sorted it all out, without a murmur of irritation. He would keep me informed, explain what the snag was, discuss with me what it meant and how he could solve it. He would always check with me that I was happy with each decision. At all times, I had total faith in his abilities and professionalism. It was clear that he was not trying to complete the job as quickly as possible regardless of the standard; it was important to him to do a good job and get it right. This meant that he needed to come back the next day, which he arranged to do. Before leaving however, he tidied up carefully. He was aware that I have young children so he made sure that he did not leave any sharp objects out, in case the children hurt themselves. He also conferred with me about where to store the Magic Box overnight so that it would not be in our way. Throughout the time that James was working at our house, he communicated with the electrician and the team that put up the panel, to keep me and them informed of the work and to co-ordinate the process smoothly. James took responsibility for the whole process and I greatly appreciated this. He didn't tell me to ring the office or that someone would be in touch, he sorted it all out, so I knew exactly what was going on. Now the work has been done, and we are very happy with it. We have had a minor teething problem, not with the new equipment but due to the interface with our old system. We have been able to get this sorted out easily. It has not been a case of "We've got your money, now we aren't interested". It is important to know that if things don't go according to plan, for whatever reason, they will still be there to sort it out. I have been very impressed with the product and the service from Right 2 Improve and will be telling everyone about them.
S Adam - February 2015
After initially contacting Right2Improve in connection with renewable energy systems for hot water, we finally decided to take both the Magic Thermodynamic Box for the hot water and the Magic Heating Box for the central heating system. Right2Improve also replaced my old central heating boiler with a beautiful new Ferroli boiler. Both teams were quick and efficient and went about their work with no unnecessary mess or disturbance. They were friendly and polite and went about their work with little disturbance, cleaning up afterwards. The engineer quickly returned and fixed a minor problem with a water filter despite the late hour. The boiler is much quieter than the old one and the entire system heats up more quickly. I had to turn down my radiators as they are now far more efficient and I have not had to supplement the heating with other devices despite the bitterly cold weather we have had. We had initial issues with the Magic Thermodynamic Box which would cut out due to air getting into the system. The engineer traced the problem to a micro-leak and once he tightened up the connection where air was being drawn into the system and bled out the air the problem was resolved. I now have hot water day and night without having to run the boiler. My bill for the last quarter was down but with the new products in place for only one of the three months, it is still too soon to establish just how much impact this has had on my energy usage. I would certainly use Right2Improve again and would recommend them to any friends or family members thinking of making changes to their hot water or heating systems. I am also pleased to be doing my bit for the environment!
Philip W - February 2015
Liked economy and control also effectiveness of heating which meant that the whole house was heated at a most acceptable level while heat was not being wasted so bills were kept to a minimum.
A Tibbitt - December 2014
Installed very successfully.All installed in the loft. We are very happy with the system and all the Hot water is great.
P Kilshaw - December 2014
Have had this installed for one year and so far seems to be effective. Certainly get better heat distribution around the house with the new installation. Still monitoring costs to see how much - if any! - I am saving. I was happy with the installation crew who came out, and they worked hard to do a good installation in as short a time as possible. They even attempted to fix a faulty radiator, but had to give up on that - but offered advice on what was needed.
B Hatchet - December 2014
We have had the Magic Box installed approx. 3 months ago and was very pleased with the installation process and am also please with the results.
J Roast - December 2014
Is a quality British product. Hot water on demand when needed and always at a high temperature. My previous hot water cylinder was very old and inefficient, but the install team put a new one in with the little magic box placed in the loft and the panel on a rear wall out of sight in a ideal location. Great clean work from the company from the office and install team.
S Weber - December 2014
Had a thermodynamic hot water system installed 4 weeks ago and I am delighted with it. Installation took 1 day and provides all the hot water I need and only runs up to 4 hrs a day. Would definately recommend this system and the company.
Mr Wells - November 2014
The Magic Heating Box So far its doing a great job. The efficiently of the whole system is massive, and the difference can really be felt. the added equipment ie programmer, trv's and thermostat are all of high quality and really simple to use. Great stuff as a whole.
D Marshall - November 2014
I had a representative visit my property about six month ago to talk about replacing my old boiler, we talked about my options and decided on a Ferroli boiler, the installation team turned up on time and did a very good clean job,and we are very pleased with the performance of the new boiler
P Mellish - November 2014
have had system for approx. 20 months. After initial teething troubles, system is working well. Use of the thermostat controller is my preferred means of maintaining ambient temperature. The wall mounted timer seems unduly complicated and I avoid it if possible! I think my decision to have the system installed was correct and I am pleased with the result.
M Sadler - November 2014
We had solar panels installed by the group which have been brilliant and exceeded all expectations, now we had the Magic box installed for about 18 months and that again has performed very well and we have made quite a considerable saving on our gas.
G Young - November 2014
Installed 3 months,Happy with installation pleased with hot water,No problems with installation at the moment,
W Jolly - November 2014
On instalation the fitters were efficiant,friendly and explained in detail how to use the system.they also left everware clean and tidy. I think the system works well
W Appleby - November 2014
Installed about a year ago I find the system gives me all the hot water I need. very happy with the product
H Butt - November 2014
installed by two very professional fitters.we were very pleased at the outcome.The whole experience has been a good one. We find the heat output is better than before. We have found that it has been more efficient to run. We are very happy that we made the decision to have the product installed
M Ward - October 2014
i had a magic heating box installed by right 2 improve. The impact it has had on my house is unbelievable the rooms that were not getting hot are now getting hot along with the whole house. The house as a whole feels a lot warmer due the installation of the magic Heating box. I am over the moon with the company and product and would recommend.
E Tobin - October 2014
I had a magic hearing box and a new boilet installed by right2improve. I am over the moon to say the least. Every member of staff I spoke to were happy to help and wanted to make sure they done everything to help me. The staff and engineers who visited my home were also just as good, they were professional at all times and always looked presentable. The whole process from start to finish went well and I have been kept informed with every development. I am very happy with this company and would reccomend.
C Strickland - October 2014
In August 2014 we had a magic heating box installed. We hoped it would cut our heating bills and in the first month we certainly saw an improvement. The installers were polite and professional and did their best to explain the new system to us. A very helpful follow up inspection clarified any problems and we will have no hesitation in recommending this system to friends.
C Wheatley - October 2014
I placed an order for a magic hearing box a couple of days ago. Today I have had a surveyor visit. He was able to answer the last few questions I had in relation to the way the system is installed and the way it works. Both staff members who have visited me have been professional and professionally dressed. The surveyor explained the next steps to me and we have now booked a date for the system to be installed. I am very excited to have the magic heating box installed. And am very happy with the company so far
K Chapman - October 2014
A representative of Right2Improve came to your house and talked us through the central heating management system. The following day a surveyor came round and explained where the box would be fitted and what work would be happening. The fitter was brilliant he worked quickly, cleanly and was very polite. He also programmed the heating to come on at my preferred times. All the cold spots are gone from the radiators and the house is constantly warm.
Mr Adams - October 2014
Box installed 12 months ago and have noticed a significant reduction in my oil bills. Happy with system, easy to use.
S Green - August 2014
The system has been installed for a year I have found that it given a saving on my gas bill. Happy with the system.
B Chennessey - August 2014
we decided to install a magic box a year ago. We are very happy with the product and the fact that a suhstantial saving on the oil has been achieved. And we are very happy with the system.
L Mevenden - August 2014
We've had the Magic Box for about a year. The house heats up much quicker than ever before,in fact we had to switch one radiator off as it was too warm in the room.
C Kennedy - July 2014
Installed in a day the box was installed by fitters who advised us on positioning. The Heat output is great and we are pleased with the result.
W Wilmott - June 2014
We had the Conservatory fitted about a year ago. Very pleased with the fitters and the end product
D Beckett - June 2014
We've had the box for one year and have found it to work well - about 29% saving in gas usage. After the one year check it was found that the radiator lock valves were not set in the optimum position, these were adjusted and should now give a greater saving on gas usage.
D Williams - June 2014
Just had magic box installed and very pleased with it so far
F Alexander - May 2014
I've had a central heating management system installed, the whole process has been fantastic. The sales reps & surveyor was both very professional and polite. they was very helpful in answering my questions. i cant fault the installers in anyway what so ever, they were absolutely faultless and respected my house as their own. I'd recommend to everyone and i'm also interested in other systems they have available for offer.
T Black - May 2014
Installed approx. one year ago after a few hiccups which were sorted out I am happy with the system
G Cass - May 2014
it has been installed for one year and it works very well with a 24% saving. I am happy with the system
F Flight - May 2014
Magic Heating Box, I had the heating box fitted a few weeks ago. all seems well and i'm getting a good temperature through out the house.
Lillian - May 2014
I had a Magic Box installed just under a year ago. The boiler temperature has been reduced and it works out about 30% savings from the previous year. The heat aspect is quick to respond when needed. I am very happy with the system.
V Donovan - April 2014
Having the central heating heating system and boiler we've noticed abchang. The radiators are working better and heating up more. And the hot water seems hotter. The installers were friendly and got on with what they needed to do, and worked well, even though one was elergic to my cat.
Mr Garner - March 2014
We have had installed the magic heating box. The installers were both polite and tidy. We have found the the boiler is now run at 60 instead at 74. We have also found that all the radiators gave of a greater amount of heat than before. Very happy and would recommend this system.
A Carr - February 2014
Installation was carried out very clean and tidy. The magic box was fitted easily the airing cupboard. The heat from all the radiators is great.
K Compton - January 2014
Installation was very good and everything was left neat and tidy. We now have an instant heat from the radiators. Definitely worth doing with the boiler now reduced in temperature. Very happy with system.
J Granger - January 2014
The Reps, surveyors, and installers worked very well together. The workman were quick and cleaned after. I'm very happy with the work done
P Coy - January 2014
A great installation. Clean and works as indicated. Its a warmer house now and looking forward to cheaper gas bills.
A Brown - January 2014
Installed by very professional fitters. All was kept clean and tidy. Very pleased with the heat output.
D Clunie - January 2014
Installation over 2 days completed neatly and resourcefully, with all and any problems resolved efficiently and every thing left clean and tidy.
Mr Cray - January 2014
The installation went well from start to finish. Fitters kept the work area clean as they went and spent time explaining what they were doing as they went along. The system was back flushed , air removed and fresh anti - corrosive treated. SO far we have enjoyed quicker response times from the boiler, the radiators have heated up rapidly and as such will be saving money and preserving life of the boiler too. Now we need to adjust the zone valves to make the greatest savings.
S Oliver - January 2014
The installation went well from start to finish. Fitters kept the work area clean as they went and spent time explaining what they were doing as they went along. The system was back flushed , air removed and fresh anti - corrosive treated. SO far we have enjoyed quicker response times from the boiler, the radiators have heated up rapidly and as such will be saving money and preserving life of the boiler too. Now we need to adjust the zone valves to make the greatest savings.
A Oliver - January 2014
The installation was carried out very efficiently. The fitters were pleasant and obligingly . I'm very satisfied with the work, very professional.
A Flynn - January 2014
The two engineers were clean, quiet, courteous and efficient. They got there late because of traffic, but kept us informed. They explained what they were going to do, and where the Magic Box etc. would be installed. The boiler operating temperature has been reduced, which must save gas/energy consumption, resulting in lower bills.
U Clemort - January 2014
Very inpressed with the quality and standered of the installation and the time taken. With the new air to air system i can know use my new consevatory as it know gets warm air blown into the room unlike the old system. The head units fit very well in each room and blend in with the decor running in a silent manor and giving off plenty of heat.
D Green - December 2013
The installers put in the system very efficiently. They cleaned up after themselves and covered work areas with sheeting. We now get plenty of heat from all the radiators. We now find that it takes longer to cool down. We are very pleased with the system.
A Hassell - December 2013
Just installed. No fuss over installation everything done clean and tidy. Too early to check on cost savings but everything else good.
R Rowles - December 2013
The installation was installed most efficiently once started. It took two days, cleaning after installation and the system now runs very well. The boiler temperature thermostat has been reduced by a third, although it will take time before major cost reductions will be experienced. The heat given out by the radiators is considerable increased, even with this reduced boiler setting.
A Vernon - December 2013
Right 2 Improve's plumbers and electricians came on time, they were polite and efficient, and they stayed until the work was completed. Right 2 Improve show an interest in the customer. They check that all is working and to our satisfaction. If any problems or questions have arisen then they respond quickly. We are happy with the service provided and the system that they installed.
C Webster - December 2013
Installers pleasant and polite and hard working but all turned up very late . Some dirt on bedroom carpet and airing cupboard door will no longer close. These issues are being addressed by the company. Otherwise everything fine to date, although hall does not warm up to level set on thermostat. Will wait to see extent of any potential savings, but all radiators seem to be working satisfactorily. Looking forward to essential savings,bearing in mind cost of the system. Expect to be warmer, whatever results of cost savings are.
M Richardson - December 2013
Fitter explained all what was happening. Very clean and tidy. Box was fitted in boiler out of the way. We now get really hot radiators quicker than before. We are very happy with the Magic Box and Right2Improve.
R Siggers - November 2013
Installed by two fitters and I am very happy with the heat that I am getting from the radiators, also the heating is the same temperature on each radiator.
D Spearman - November 2013
Right2Improve have shown themselves to be an efficient and courteous Company attending to our needs as required. The installation was undertaken efficiently and considerable effort was undertaken to install a specialised piece of equipment which is proving to be every efficient. All the members of staff and the sales team proved to be efficient and courteous and we have been delighted to establish a rapore and satisfactory relationship. Our radiator system is greatly enhanced and we look forward to a clear saving on heating costs.
R Baker - November 2013
Trouble-free installation. Fitters were very helpful, polite and considerate. The system is producing hot radiators, more even heatingand the heat seems to stay in the room for longer. It seems as if the hot water is slightly hotter than before and seems to heats up more quickly; so far, we are very happy with the magic box.
K Caputo - November 2013
Because of ongoing problems with other things already installed here, installation wasn't the simplest of processes and Dennis had to make a return visit, in which he solved those problems as well. The whole system appears to be working properly. It is early days yet, however, so watch this space. No more than normal cleaning was required when he finished. Everything seems OK at the moment (November).
J Rokos - November 2013
Having just had the CH Magic Box and V-Phase installed by your installation department engineers I would like to sing their praises. Friendly, efficient knowledgeable and capable are just a few of the words I could use to describe them. They arrived on time. Installed the items exactly where we wanted them,working in a tidy and professional manner. They took care not to cause any damage and left the areas in a clean and tidy state. I would recommend your organisation and products to anyone. I would also like to say thanks to the staff in your office. They kept us well informed as to what was going on and when things were going to happen. Answering any queries we had promptly and politely. Well done Right 2 Improve!
Mr R. Pike - November 2013
I had the system installed as I was experiencing many problems with my existing system. My fuel consumption was really high and yet my house was never hot and the rads were full of blockages and cold areas. The heating management system has eliminated these problems it had improved the performance of my heating system drastically and has gotten rid of the dirt in the rads. It gas also cut fuel consumption even with this cut in consumption my house is hotter than ever before! The install team and staff of the company were fantastic and were always a pleasure to talk to.
R Teck - October 2013
Installation: quick and effective, friendly personnel.Using considerably less oil than before. Boiler thermostat is turned well down.stem is easy to control and should save significant money.
A Gardner - October 2013
The installation was excellent. The job was clean and tidy. The men were on time and the system works very well indeed. We now have hot radiators when needed. Also ditto for the hot water. We are very happy with the system and the company are attentive and helpful.
T Brooks - October 2013
Fitter was professional and friendly and explained it all to us. Radiator's hot when they should be. Happy with system.
P Crow - October 2013
The installers were good blokes, professional and hard working. They done everything we asked and catered to our needs we are happy overall with the experience and the work completed
Mr Ronalds - August 2013
The original rep. was prompt, informative about the advantages of the MHB and obviously did his job well as I bought the product! The surveyor was professional and efficient and answered any questions I had to my satisfaction.The installers were prompt, worked hard and efficiently and where they needed to explain anything they were doing did so politely and well. They cleared up well before leaving and from the look of their work it was of a high standard.
R Radford - July 2013

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