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Magic Box Installation Video

Solar Assisted Heat Pump - Thermodynamics

How does Magic Thermodynamic Box Work?

Please find below some brief details on our new Thermodynamic Hot Water system. It is unique, innovative, proven technology, manufactured in Europe under ISO 9001 and the one product on the market that fits in all situations. The Magic Box is now available and is available for inspection. You will be impressed by the ingenious but simple technology and the mass of benefits it provides to your customer and your business too.

The Magic Box in simple terms is a fridge in reverse. The panel absorbs heat from the atmosphere into fluid circulating through the panel, as the panel heats up it evaporates and leaves the panel, it becomes a hot compressed gas which then passes through a heat exchange inside the Magic Box and heats the water, the gas then passes through a valve and reverts back into a fluid, the fluid then returns back into the panel and the process is repeated. It is as simple as that.

How the Magic Box connects:

The Magic Box system is very simple to install. We connect into the cold feed in and the hot feed out. The cylinder fills with cold water and then a pressure valve closes. The water in the cylinder then circulates through the Magic box until it reaches 55 degrees. Once this is achieved the systems goes into standby. This means that the existing cylinder is utilized and does not need to be replaced. The installation time is 3 to 4 hours only. Minimum disruption to the home owner and waste reduced to a minimum.

The Magic box actual size is only Width 410mm x Depth 340mm x Height 299mm

The Process

Tested By:


The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) are the sole body recognised by the Government for the assessment and verification against international, testing and calibration activities in both the private and public sectors. Accreditations by UKAS demonstrates an organisation's competence, impartiality and capability, and helps to underpin the credibility of performance, goods and services in both the UK and international arenas. UKAS has an explicit duty to act in the public interest.

Why we chose a Solar Assisted Heat Pump - Thermodynamics instead of Solar Thermal

Solar Assisted heat Pump - Thermodynamics Traditional Solar Thermal
System works day & night (24hrs). Requires Direct Sunlight - only works in the day.
Works down to -15°c. won't work at freezing temperatures.
Provides hot water requirements. Provides 30% of annual hot water.
Constantly heats water throughout day, night and all seasons whenever you want it. Heats water in summer and during height of the day, when its not needed
Black panel can be fitted on any aspect of the property. Panels have to be fitted to a south facing roof.
Panel weighs 7KG. Heavier panels - damaging roof.
Highly durable roll bond aluminium panel. Glass tubing making panel fragile.
can be fitted to a wall. Have to be installed on a roof.
both sides of panel absorb energy. Less sun absorption area.
Sealed system with R134a gas. Requires Glycol top-up.
Minimal maintenance Requires high maintenance.
Installation complete in 1 day. Requires scaffolding to fit panels + longer installation.

Our Process

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