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Thinking about replacing your inefficient or unreliable old boiler?

Boilers are an integral part of any home providing heating and hot water on demand and are available at Right2improve in a wide range of types Also boilers are further divided into either Regular Boilers, System Boilers and Combi Boilers all designed to suit different property types and different demands for hot water and heating.

Gas Boilers are the most common boilers found in most homes as natural gas is readily supplied to most homes, however for those without mains gas other fuel types are available and can be equally efficient and cost effective as gas.

There are a huge variety of boilers on the market but Right2improve have researched the market by providing the boilers that are best for your needs.

Right2improve specialise in a range of high quality boilers to help you choose which one is right for your home.

Right 2 Improve recommends the T1 Boilers because...

The compact, lightweight A-rated Ferroli T-One domestic hot water boiler boiler provides ultimate performance, energy efficiency and reliability, all at a very cheap price. If you're searching for a new boiler that will eradicate fuel bills and reduce energy usage that won't let you down, look no further than the Ferroli T-One.

Exceptionally reliable

With only four moving parts - pump, fan, gas valve and DHW water flow meter - and no plate to plate heat exchanger or diverter valve, the T-One guarantees outstanding reliability and unbeatable performance. Plenty of room inside for cable management, no sharp edges and all parts detachable from the front means it's very easy to service and maintain to keep your boiler at optimum performance.

Very small, very light, very quiet

The T-One is so compact and ergonomic that it can be fitted virtually anywhere in the home, freeing up space for other home improvements and future plans. It's also the lightest boiler on the market so installation can be completed with only one pair of hands making installation costs far less expensive. An operating noise level of less than 40dB means it's barely audible for complete peace and quiet.

Superb DHW rates

currently available in the T-One range are the 25°c and 30°c condensing combination models are also available, which deliver superb levels of domestic hot water in excess of 13.1 l/min at 35°C. Built to Ferroli's exacting standards, the T-One's high specification and reliability is matched with a 7 year manufacturer's parts & labour warranty.

Compatible & adaptable

The T-One boiler can operate on natural gas and LPG and is compatible with renewable energy technologies for optimum energy efficiency and fuel economy making the boiler very adjustable to your needs.

As with all Ferroli boilers, the T-One range is consistently updated as new technologies are being developed to maintain the most fuel efficient way for customers to enjoy constant heat and hot water.

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