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Central Heating Management System Advanced Series

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  • Helps reduce common ailments in central heating systems including air, noise, poor circulation and inefficient boiler performance.
  • Helps with your current central heating system to make it work more efficiently.
  • Helps removing air from your current central heating system at the point of entry, reducing air blockages in the pipework and the need to bleed the radiators.
  • Helps with increasing the flow rate through the pipework and radiators.
  • Helping reducing the temperature differential between the top and bottom of the radiators.

Benefits of the Central Heating Management System Advanced Series

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  • Benefits of the Central Heating Management System Advanced Series
  • Proven and independently tested technology
  • Fits to any wet type of central heating systems
  • New build or Retro fit
  • Accepts all types of typical boilers
  • Works with radiators and underfloor heating
  • Fits all types of pipe work
  • Fits vented and pressurised systems
  • Very Compact and easy to install
  • Provides the opportunity to reduce fuel bills
  • Lifetime guarantee on the Magic Heating Box

The Central Heating Management System is Tested by a UKAS accredited test centre

How long does the installation last?

The Central Heating Management System is an enhancement to your existing central heating system currently working in the property. Installation takes around 1 to 2 days and requires no ongoing maintenance. The system is compatible with most central heating systems, either open systems vented or pressurised.

A Typical Installation of the system

Proven money saver with condensing boilers

The Central Heating Management System has been independently tested and has been proven to make a guarantee saving for all common boiler types reducing the fuel being consumed by the boiler. Most condensing boilers will only condense efficiently when the water returning back to the system is below 55°C.

Currently with the current systems on the UK market most boilers only condense at start up stage as the return temperature exceeds 55°C. Therefore most homeowners lose out on the benefits that condensing boilers provide.

When the Central Heating Management System is installed, the return temperature consistently stays below 55°C keeping your modern condensing boiler in condensing mode.

The Central Heating Management System is the only product available on the market today that can offer to keep the boiler in condensing mode without having to sacrifice your comfort levels.

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Customer Opinions

I have just had a Central Heating Management System installed, absolutely superb! Fitters were great, the service was superb, no complaints whatsoever, absolutely wonderful product.
Mr Bebbington, Hertfordshire
The installation was quickly done and the fitters were polite and no trouble at all. They were good at their job and efficiently cleaned up at the end. The system was tested and after sales was impressive. Any questions were quickly addressed and an inspection was also carried out a week or so later after the installation. My wife and I were impressed with all the personnel concerned and we are happy with the installation. We are very happy with the product and all our radiators are now working well unlike before!
Mr Walker, Berkshire
We have a sizeable heating system which consists of 24 radiators. We always seemed to have a problem with getting the heat to 5 of the radiators. At first we thought it may be that our oil boiler was not sufficient to run the system but we were assured that the output of our boiler was more than enough to run the central heating system.

We tried a more powerful circulating pump but this did not improve the situation. We heard of the Central Heating Management System through a friend and requested an inspection. He explained what the problems were and recommended that we install the system. We can say the results were instant. On the first day pretty much all radiators heated up to what they should be. It is definitely now heating to its full potential.

At first we didn't take notice of any difference in fuel consumption as it wasn't our main focus. It wasn't until we looked back on the first year after installing the Central Heating Management System and compared it with the previous year that we realised that we had a saving of 25% minimum in fuel cost.

Our Central Heating Management System was fitted back in 2011 and we would have no hesitation and in fact have recommended it to relatives who went on to install the Central Heating Management System also.
Mr and Mrs Kelly, Rathermore
The installation went well and was fitted by a pleasant and helpful team. We are very happy with The Central Heating Management System as it provides us with heat now throughout the house and more very hot water.
Mr Boyce, Essex
I had the Central Heating Management System installed. The installers were very efficient, clean and tidy and trustworthy. We have pipework from the 1930's and the Heating Box is working well and providing me with better heat.
Mr Crutchley, Essex
I have just had a Central Heating Management System installed. I am extremely pleased with it because it gives me constant heat from all the radiators. I have no problem with bleeding radiators. I know it gives me reliable heat every day and this makes it well worth putting the system in. I therefore recommend and acclaim the Central Heating Management System to everyone who wants to control their heat.
Mr Craft, Essex
We have had the Central Heating Management System installed and it is working very well and the radiators are all now hot. I am very satisfied with the system. It doesn't need any bleeding or attention of that sort and generally it is very satisfactory.
Mr Moss, Suffolk
I've just had a Central Heating Management System installed, very ably by 3 gentlemen. I find I have got really good heating, the boiler temperature has been reduced and it is taking all the air out of the system. I don't have any trouble with my radiators. The system was very dirty and the gentlemen cleaned up the system completely and I now find it very satisfactory.
Mr Sturdy, Kent
I have just had a Central Heating Management System installed. The air is taken out automatically so I don't have to worry about that. The radiators are now nice and hot and I am very happy with the system.
Mr Quartley, Buckinghamshire
Since having the Central Heating Management System put in my central heating is more efficient. The installation took a day with little disruption. The radiators are hotter, whilst using less fuel to achieve this. This will mean that I shall be paying out less in the future. I'm glad I had the system installed.
Mr Parker, Hertfordshire
It was beautifully installed, best pipework I have seen from any plumber. It heats up all my radiators and it does exactly what I want it to do. It will supply heating at any time anywhere in the house. I'm very pleased with it.
Mr and Mrs Bowman, Essex
We are the owners of Coolclogher House and heating is one of our main priorities. What we found was the heating would be on and yet some of the rooms would feel like the radiators were not giving out any heat. We would have to bleed some of the radiators every couple of months or so. Overall we found that the heating was performing very poorly.

We installed the heating box 8 years ago and it was the best investment we made. The rooms heat up faster and are much warmer. We have not had to bleed our radiators since and it has also reduced our maintenance costs. We also have noticed a huge reduction in the amount of fuel we use and would say the saving is in the region of 30% or more.
Mr and Mrs Harnett, Co Kerry
I have had to turn down the temperature and the radiators are very hot, which is a good thing. All the radiators are now hot whereas before parts weren't.
Mr and Mrs Ambrose, Essex
We have now had a fortnights experience of the new system and it seems to be working well. We are getting to the right temperature and it is noticeable that the boiler is not on as much as it used to be.
Mr and Mrs Warburton, Berkshire
We built a new house in 2004 and were very disappointed with the heat from the radiators. We have a bungalow and especially the two bedrooms at the back of the house were freezing, and in the winter we had to use electric heaters in those rooms to heat them. We had the heating on all day and the house was still cold. We heard about the invention and spoke with them about how the Central Heating Management System would help us. We fitted the system in 2006 and could not believe the change. All the rooms heated up fast and the boiler had to be switched off after one hour as the house was roasting. Our fuel bills are down about 30% but the best result is the house is nice and warm. A lot of our friends and family have the Central Heating Management System in their homes and they are delighted with it. We would highly recommend to anyone.
Mr and Mrs Looney, Killarneye
I had a Central Heating Management System fitted and its running very quietly. The heating and radiators are running perfectly and I have been able to reduce the temperature to 60°C on the boiler and its working lovely.
Mr and Mrs Wallington, Berkshire
I have had a Central Heating Management System installed. The radiators are now warm all over and there are no cold spots. The radiators now do not need bleeding. I am very satisfied with the unit and recommend it.
Mr and Mrs Daintree, Essex
We have just had a Central Heating Management System installed and the radiators are as hot as ever they were before although the temperature on the boiler has been reduced. We are very pleased with the system.
Mr Gamble, Berkshire
I think it is appropriate that we should write to you to let you know how delighted we are since we installed your Central Heating Management System. Despite the new addition to our house and the particularly hard winter we have had, our fuel bills are still down 30% minimum again this year. It was definitely the best investment we have made in recent years. If you ever need us to recommend your product we would be delighted to do so.
Mr and Mrs O'Donoghue, Killarney
I had the Central Heating Management System installed about six years ago, as I could never heat some radiators upstairs. Since putting it in I have never looked back and now all the radiators in all rooms heat evenly and I have no maintenance or venting required of my radiators. I have definitely saved at least 1/3 in my heating bills and for the first time I have a nice warm home.
P Hickey, Rathmore

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